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COVID-19 Disease control for pet professionals

Good afternoon on this warm and sunny day 😊 May 18th . This week so far …... We have been busy updating our infection control , Bio security , general health and safety and what measures we have to put in place according to the latest government guidelines (these are changing weekly) we are getting very good at adapting at the moment and turning into chameleons 😂. Emily has been enjoying the front line getting out and about with all your beautiful fur babies while I'm still shielding at home putting all our strategies in place to keep us all safe. I have also just passed COVID-19 Disease control for pet professionals .We now know all the latest information and latest on the dreaded COVID and will endeavour to go above and beyond with hygiene measures. Here are some of the procedures we have in place and have been using since before the lock down..

-All dogs will be wiped over before and after collection ( minimise any risk of any covid particles on animal fur.)

-Use are own equipment for each separate dog (disinfected with pet safe products between use)

-crates and cages are cleaned in accordance between each and every dog.

- Social distancing measures and infection control is a new way of life for us .

-washing hands and using sanitising in correct ways.

And much more , if you need anymore information or have any questions , feel free to get in touch and i will help with any worries or concerns , While covid is not passed on directly between animals and humans , particles have been known to live on the fur (wipe over and dispose of clothes after 72 hours )

Stay safe and don't forget to give us a wave if you see us about

Julie and Emily x