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Well the spring is here , warm weather , long grass that can only mean one thing…. Tick season. These pesky little critters are waiting patiently for their next meal to arrive. They carry a number of diseases with Lyme disease being the most serious , Early treatment is key.

You will not feel anything , You might get a small red lump where the tick bites. Ticks infected with lymes disease might give you a rash after a few days but not always. A temperature , chills and aching and generally feeling tired are also symptoms to look out for. It is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible as early treatment is key.

You should regularly check yourself and your cats and dogs for ticks . Head shaking and a fever is a common sign in pets , check legs starting at the muzzle , gums , under collars working your way down to in between the toes until all your pet has been checked.

You can safely remove ticks with fine point tweezers or get a tick remover from most pet shops, they are always handy to have one in your first aid kit . Slowly pull upwards and twist in a steady slow motion making sure you remove all the tick not leaving the head embedded. Thoroughly clean with antiseptic. If unsure seek veterinary advice. Regularly use spot on treatment and tablets as an aid to helping repelling ticks.

Stay safe

Julie and Team x